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The last several days have been a real whirlwind! The #HFXPylonClub was embraced by neighbouring businesses, local businesses that empathized with our situation; and especially the citizens (some for the first time) of the Halifax area, who visited Inkwell on Saturday to show their support! We sure feel the local love from the community!

Read the #HFXPylonClub launch post here.

Below the image is the excerpted post from Sam Shannon, both a part-time Inkwell employee and a local artist whose work is carried in the shop!

The #HFXPylonClub came together when Sam, my partner Daniel and I brainstormed a way to put a positive spin on our current situation with Market Street closed to vehicle traffic during the Holiday shopping season. It swiftly became an awareness project for the surrounding neighbourhood regarding the limited access to existing businesses and the mess that is currently in place as Halifax transitions to a new and improved downtown.

Thank you, Halifax for shopping local + supporting small!

HUGE thanks to Sam and Daniel, for all your assistance in this crazy time!


HFXPylonClub Buttons

Everything took a back seat to the #HFXPylonClub this week but I have to say it was well worth it. I’m still in awe of Halifax and the collective rally to support local businesses in a time of need. 

After eight interviews with local media and a social media flurry, HFX Pylon Club spread like wild fire. Within 24 hours, we were in the newspaper, on TV,  radio and the conversation around #HFXPylonClub was ramping up online. We had 13 local businesses join the club, order pins and offer deals in store. Downtown Halifax Business Commission took the reigns with Extreme Group jumping on board to brainstorm ways to grow the club. 

I’m happy to say change is already taking place. City council responded to our efforts and made a public announcement with new (pushed up) dates for street openings. The HFX Pylon Club will keep trucking until Christmas, continuing to raise awareness that it’s important to support local, no matter the circumstances. 

Through this whole lovely whirlwind, I’ve learned quite a few handy things:
  • How to use my Advanced Diploma in Public Relations (finally).
  • How to change the conversation surrounding a sensitive issue. It was definitely putting a positive spin on a negative situation that motivated people and the city to take action. 
  • Branding & a communication strategy are always the wings of any idea.
  • People still read the newspaper and listen to the radio. By Friday night, I had multiple “OMG, I just saw you on TV” texts in my inbox.
Sam on Camera

During Inkwell’s Customer Appreciation Day today, we exceeded our goals and everyone who flooded through our doors were ready to join the club. Customers wore their pins proudly and vowed to visit other local businesses in their travels. There were tons of new faces, meaning our efforts were a smash hit! And of course, our loyal regulars rallied together to show their support. 

I had a smile plastered across my face the entire day. It’s incredible to know that when there’s a cry for help in our city, Haligonians are ready and willing to lend a helping hand and support local. THANK YOU HALIFAX! You warm my heart.
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