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2015 Holiday Gift Guide - Animal Lovers

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2015 Inkwell Gift Guide - Animal Lovers

Row 1
Wool Felted Animal Ornament by Victoria MacAskill $24.00 each
2016 Barnyard Calendar by Gingiber $36.00
Screenprinted Infinity Scarf by Poison Pear $42.00 - $48.00

Row 2
You Are a Kitten Book by Sherwin Tjia (Conundrum Press) $19.95
Screenprinted For Fox Sake Print (8” x 10”) by Frida Clements $32.00
Robins Print (11” x 14”) by Anna Ramsay $30.00

This is just a taste of what we have in store. Don't forget we also have gift certificates available in store + gift cards in our online shop!

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