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Inkwell wants to thank every person who proudly wore their #HFXPylonClub pin and helped raise awareness that shopping local in downtown Halifax is extremely important no matter the circumstances. 

We were truly blown away by residents and visitors, banding together and making a difference during a time of the year, when significant sales are necessary to maintain the continuing viability of many downtown businesses. We had no idea of the positive impact the HFX Pylon Club would make when we started the initiative after hearing that Market and Prince Streets would be closed for a large part of the Holiday Season. We can't thank our customers enough, both regular and all the new ones, for supporting us and other small businesses during the peak of the Holiday Season, by braving the downtown construction and its pylons. 

The street closures could have been detrimental to our normal best sales period, but when the area rallied together through the HFX Pylon Club, so many people came out to show their support that we closed out the 2015 year on a high note. Our street also re-opened a week earlier than originally proposed, due in large part, to the attention created by the HFX Pylon Club. Inkwell’s HFX Pylon Club initiative was successful because of the support of CFIB, DHBC, the surrounding businesses affected by the construction who joined the Club and, of course, our customers.

Although the HFX Pylon Club wrapped up at Christmas, construction will continue until March 2017. We are still working with other small businesses in our neighbourhood to continue to raise awareness of the impact of the construction. We ask you to keep in mind that even though the construction continues, streets may close, and pylons and cranes will be scattered around us - Inkwell and its surrounding businesses are always open!

The original #HFXPylonClub post can be found here, along with #HFXPylonClub Forever here.

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