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Grilled Cheese (A5-10)-Issue #17, Machine
Grilled Cheese (A5-10)-Issue #17, Machine
Grilled Cheese (A5-10)-Issue #17, Machine
Grilled Cheese (A5-10)-Issue #17, Machine


Grilled Cheese (A5-10)-Issue #17, Machine


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Grilled Cheese is a Bilingual magazine for kids, created and printed in Montreal. Issue #17 is Machine themed.

  • Includes 1 button
  • For Ages 5-10
  • Risograph printed
  • Assembled, bound and cut by hand
  • Release: February 2020

Reading Grilled Cheese with your child will:

  • Stimulate their taste for reading through different types of content
  • Inspire them to learn a second language
  • Introduce them to original, predominantly Canadian content as well as new talents
  • Support an independent magazine that is free of advertisements and is handcrafted through risograph printing, reducing its ecological footprint

Illustrations by:
Camilla Teodoro
Julien Boisseau
Pascale Bonenfant
Philippe Mathieu
Samuel Boucher

Texts by:
Anne-Sophie Tilly
Catherine Ouellet-Cummings
Véronique Grenier

Launched in the spring of 2014, Grilled Cheese magazines are entirely created and manufactured in Montreal. They are produced and edited by L’abricot and are published three times a year: in February, June and October. Each issue of these magazines is an opportunity to work with talented collaborators whose creations stimulate children’s imagination and contribute to their artistic awakening.