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Grilled Cheese Ages 2-4 - Issue #8, Machine
Grilled Cheese Ages 2-4 - Issue #8, Machine
Grilled Cheese Ages 2-4 - Issue #8, Machine


Grilled Cheese Ages 2-4 - Issue #8, Machine


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Grilled Cheese is a Bilingual magazine for kids, created and printed in Montreal. Issue #8 is Machine themed.

  • Includes 3 stickers
  • For Ages 2-4
  • Risograph printed
  • Assembled, bound and cut by hand
  • Release: February 2020

Reading Grilled Cheese with your child will:

  • Stimulate their taste for reading through different types of content
  • Inspire them to learn a second language
  • Introduce them to original, predominantly Canadian content as well as new talents
  • Support an independent magazine that is free of advertisements and is handcrafted through risograph printing, reducing its ecological footprint

Illustrations by:
Amanda Willemse
Benjamin Cotten
Camilla Teodoro
Julien Boisseau
Mathieu Dionne
Samuel Boucher

Texts by:
Sophie Labelle
Catherine Ouellet-Cummings

Launched in the spring of 2014, Grilled Cheese magazines are entirely created and manufactured in Montreal. They are produced and edited by L’abricot and are published three times a year: in February, June and October. Each issue of these magazines is an opportunity to work with talented collaborators whose creations stimulate children’s imagination and contribute to their artistic awakening.