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Seinfeld Characters Magnets (6)

Jodie Hansen

Seinfeld Characters Magnets (6)


These fun diecut magnets will make any Seinfeld fan happy, old or young. Six different stickers are included in the pack.

Characters include Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, Frank Costanza and the Soup Nazi.

Each set of magnets is packaged in a cello pack with a card stock topper.

Magnets are approximately 1.5" x 2" each

Jodie Hansen is a full-time graphic designer and a part-time lover of all things creative and interesting. Jodie has a background in illustration and finds it very relaxing to illustrate and design her cards and prints. Jodie has a passion for paper and all the unique things that can be created with it. Also a lover of puns, she loves to provide a good laugh for her customers.