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Uppercase Magazine #46

Uppercase Publishing

Uppercase Magazine #46

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Theme of Issue #46: Making the best of bits of pieces, scraps. Collage Artist trading cards. 

  • 114 pages
  • July / August / September 2020
Published since 2009, Janine Vangool's quarterly magazine is for the creative and curious: UPPERCASE has an enthusiastic and loyal readership of designers, illustrators, craftspeople, creative entrepreneurs and paper lovers around the world. Ads-free, with high-quality production values and a unique design aesthetic, the content of each issue is eclectic and inspiring.

The mission of UPPERCASE is to bring quality content and inspiration to my readers on a consistent basis in a way that is authentic, generous, community-minded and sustainable. UPPERCASE shares an inclusive and positive perspective and welcomes everyone: all colours, identities, ages, talents and abilities.