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Nocturne Halifax - Image & Sound

Echo Location Inkwell Nocturne 2020

Nocturne will be a little different this year. Spanning October 12-17 within K'jipuktuk/Halifax and virtually everywhere, Nocturne: Art at Night is a free event that showcases and celebrates the visual arts scene in Halifax / Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Now in its 13th year, the festival brings art and energy to the streets.

For the past 10 years, Inkwell has been an exhibit location with a participatory component. This year with Covid-19 introduces new creative restraints. We're looking forward to presenting an audio visual display or our printmaking process. Here is our exhibit description:

Echolocation inspired printing project that will evolve daily over the five days of Nocturne. As echolocation can be defined as using sound rather than light to build an image, each day the project will be revealed online using sound only. On the last day (October 17th), the final art will be revealed and a free, limited edition print will be available at Inkwell (while quantity lasts).

Follow along daily from 10/13/20-10/17/20!

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for the guide to enjoy all of the projects. If you're a collector of our letterpress keepsakes, the limited edition prints will be available on October 17th while quantity lasts.

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