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Coffee Bar Soap

Laughing Pear Soap

Coffee Bar Soap


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Cold-pressed high lather bar soap with a light scent and coffee grinds.

Works great for removing garlic and onion smells and paint from hands.

  • 80g bar
  • Made in small batches in Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Founded by Amy Scott, Laughing Pear wants to add a little luxury to your everyday with their soap and bath products. When Amy set out to make her bar soap, she has three goals: to produce a quality bar, to keep out harsh chemicals, and to make it easy on the wallet.

Laughing Pear soap is made from a base of coconut, palm, and soy oils, following a proprietary recipe that has been on the market for over 40 years. They produce a long-lasting, high-lather bar that is free of the harsh chemicals found in many commercial soaps and body washes. Each bar is handmade with care in Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia.